Public Safety

Lakeville should be a place of safety and security for all. Our first responders are a critical touchpoint between our citizens and local government systems. 

  • To best serve our citizens, it is important for the City of Lakeville to properly hire, train, staff, and support our first responders.
  • Strong, ethical leadership provides consistency so citizens know what to expect when a responder is deployed into the community and are confident that first responders reflect the values of the community.
  • The relationship between first responders and those they serve should be one of mutual respect, open communication, and understanding

As a member of the Lakeville City Council, I will work to ensure public safety departments in Lakeville are properly funded, well-equipped, well-led, and well trained to serve in the 21st century. I will also champion and continue to strengthen the strong existing relationship between our public safety professionals and the community. As a veteran police leader, this is the only way I know.