Fiscal Responsibility

Lakeville should remain financially solvent and able to weather economic challenges. These are economically uncertain times and Lakeville’s fiscal policies need to continue to support the community.

  • It is important for the City of Lakeville to continue maintaining the lowest tax rate in Dakota County.
  • It is important for the City of Lakeville to continue its cash reserve policy that puts us in the best position to address economic challenges.
  • Strong, ethical leadership provides for financial transparency that allows citizens to know and understand how their hard-earned tax dollars are used.

As a police administrator, I gained valuable experience as a steward of taxpayer money through the budgeting process and managing a multi-million dollar budget.  I had to make difficult decisions about funding, discern between needs and wants, and spend in a manner that honored community values. I bring that same experience and attitude to my candidacy for Lakeville City Council. Dakota County has the lowest property taxes in the metro area and Lakeville has the lowest taxes in Dakota County. We are in a position to thrive financially and I will work to maintain a strong and fiscally responsible community.